I (heart) WLUW

Driving to work this morning, Mary on WLUW played Flaming Lips, Pavement, “Here Comes a Regular” (DUH, that’s where the The Regulars got their name, how did I not get that) and closed the show with “What Goes On.” Some days WLUW is all I have going for me, and knowing it’s doomed to be bought by an NPR station is killing me.

5 thoughts on “I (heart) WLUW”

  1. Anyone know how the Replacements got their name?
    (Minnesotans not eligible.)

  2. I asked matt once if thats why there “the regulars” and he said no. I forgot how they got that name.

    They are’nt really from MN anyway.

    if I had a club in Minnesota it would be the Sexy Mother Fuckers

  3. did that link to the trib story work for anyone else? It tells me I have to be a subscriber. gaddamn media giants.

  4. actually, WBEZ is the only thing i can stand listening to in the car every morning.. coffee, pop-tart, cigarette, WBEZ.. its how im living.

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