“It’s not class or ideologyOe

OeColour, creed, or roots
The only thing that unites us
Is Doctor Marten’s boots

Doctor Marten’s boots of the world
So that everybody can be free
They’re classless, matchless, ageless and waterproof
(And retail for only 19 pounds and 99p)

What should everyone be wearing?
Those boots with the air-flow soles
And your boots will have a meeting
And your boots will take control

Thanks to Doctor Marten
everyone will have warm feet
Thanks to Doctor Marten
they’ll be dancing in the street
No? Don’t you want me?
Okay, boots – do your stuff!

Doctor Martens, Doctor Martens, Doctor Martens BOOTS!”

Dr. Martens is closing its British factories and moving production to China. Fine, they’ve been crap for ages anyway. And if you’re too cheap to buy the new Young Ones DVD set, here are all the scripts. Thanks to Moe for reading the business section.