The Ballad of the Black Windows

by Vina Vroom, sung to the tune of “In the Ghetto”

On a cold and wet Chicago night
Well, two old bikes fell off a trailer
In*ze ghetto
(In*ze ghetto)

And Nenita cried
eCause if thereis one thing that she donit need
Itis more than just the brakes to bleed

People donit you understand
These bikes, they need a helping hand
Or we wonit get to ride high again someday
Take a look at you and me
Now just what do you see
These bikes they are too pretty
To be left in a heap
In*ze ghetto
(In*ze ghetto)

The car wheels eround
And a fat little girl with a runny nose
Jumps out of the car and a cold wind blows
In*ze ghetto
(In*ze ghetto)

And she spies Breaky
So she starts to kick at the rear taillight
Puts a dent in the pipe*
And she screams, iF this shitei
In*ze ghetto
(In*ze ghetto?

And the crowd gathers eround the angry young girls
Bikes in the street, autumn leaves eround them swirl
In*ze ghetto
(In*ze ghetto)

Load them up again
Get back in the truck
Once again, press our luck
In*ze ghetto