I (heart) Colleen

Driving to work sucks. I’d rather take the bus/train combo even though it takes a half hour longer and I have to stand out in the cold for ages. But some Mondays and Wednesdays I wake up late on purpose and drive so I can listen to Mary Nisi and/or Colleen McHale’s Nerd Alert on WLUW. I have the WLUW phone number programmed in my cell phone, but I’ve never called because I’ve never been able to think of anything to request that’s better than what they’re playing anyway. WLUW is the only place I ever hear any good new music, or find out about stuff I missed when it was new. Today was Colleen’s last solo show (She’s moving to Brooklyn right after the Monday morning show with Mary). When she played “Something Big” By Burt Bacharach, I started to tear up. When I heard the beginning of Velocity Girl’s cover of “Tales of Brave Aphrodite” I lost it and really started to cry. I had to turn it off when “Let’s Get Lost” came on. I’ll really miss you, Colleen. You rock. Good Luck.