Best Mersh order ever!

Dear good sir, My name is Mbwike Smith and I am from Nigeria. I would like to purchase 30,080 of your fine 2SB tool bags. They look like much fine products.

Yet, I am in a situation of financial constraints that you may be of
assistance. My cousin is Lankrawa is currently a student in the Chicago
area. He is in oweing me a large sum of monies. I propose that he
deliver a check to you for 100,000.00 USD in exchange for the bags. You
may keep a fee of 20,000.00 USD for your troubles if you could ship the
bags and 10,000.00 in cash inside the bags. You would be doing me a great
service as cash and toolbags are in short supply in Lagos. If this deal
brings us both satisfaction we could partner in a grand plan to corner the
central african market on toolbags together and become very rich men.

Please don’t delay in readying cash and bags for shippment as I need them
very soon. It would be of great satisfaction that you could ship as soon
as you recieve the check.

kindest regards,
Mbwike Smith
Lagos, Nigeria