It burns burns burns

The Union was the only decent rock club in Athens, OH. Any decent band to come through town (and there weren’t all that many) would play there. They also had the only decent jukebox in town, mainly stocked by some guy that’d just come off an internship at SST. On my twenty-first birthday, my friends Don Fluckinger and Jeff Stacklin asked me what song I wanted to hear to commemorate my first legal trip to the Union. There was no doubt. I ignored all the H,sker D,, Black Flag, Minutemen, and Meat Puppets singles and said “Why are you even asking me?” Don put six quarters (a lot of money to a college student in 1990) in the jukebox, and punched in “Ring of Fire” twenty-one times. by the time it came up, I was starting to black out, but I remember the first few plays. Don tells me they pulled the plug after the fifth or sixth time, and the record was gone the next time we went in.