At the risk of getting that shitty Geggy Tah song stuck in your head, props to the guy who cut me off in his minivan on Friday.
Guy: (FX, van skidding)
2sb: (FX, duck-fart horn)
Guy: , (leaning out of window) “Oh God, I’m really sorry! I didn’t see you!” (Starts to drive off)
2sb: “Hey, guy!”
Guy: “Yeah? Look, I’m really…”
2sb: “no, I just wanna say I’ve been riding for seven years and have been dangerously cut off by hundreds of people, and you’re the first person ever to apologize, thanks!”
Guy: “Yeah? Wow. Uhhh. OK then.”
So that was cool until ten minutes later when a van whizzed by within a couple inches of me and the guy tried to smack me in the head for fun. People are neat.