MASS Stock Class, Final Round at Gateway Int’l

by Mike Durso | Well, for all the trash-talking the past few weeks between the top three racers, this weekend’s final round came off like a wet fart. Ryan Bastinelli’s bike locked up with a frozen big end bearing. YoFatTim was plagued by broken throttle cables and various other bugs. Myk Rodriguez had new job conflicts and was a no-show. What happened in stock class?

Fortunately, the remaining racers displayed some tight shadowing and lead exchanges for the spectators and corner workers. Tauras Stoneys (independent) and Mike Durso (Speed Shed/2strokeBuzz) duked it out for 4 laps and two solid heats.

In race one, YoFatTim on his Moped Hospital Kymco took an early lead, mixing it up with the Specials bikes. Not too far behind was Mike on the PKvera 125, Tauras on his 70cc Kymco, and impressive new rider Ron Brockman on his Baron Von Scoot Cagiva. By the end of the first lap, Tim was out near the final turn. However, he had a great vantage point to watch the race .

Another lap followed with Tauras directly behind Mike and Ron right behind him, ending when Ron’s belt exploded, sending him off the track at turn one.

All was well for the next lap until Tauras made an inside move on Mike on the final complex of turns. Tauras held the lead to the finish line with Mike about 100 feet behind, unable to close him out.

The second heat saw only Tauras and Mike in stock class. Feverish work by Ryan, Tim, and Ron was valiant, but they were unable to get their bikes running.

At the drop of the green flag, Durso had a poor start, but was directly behind Stoneys. Though Stoneys was able to stretch it out a little in the straights, Durso caught up all through the inside sections of the course.

Trying to give him a taste of his own medicine, on lap three Durso tried the inside pass on Stoneys where Stoneys had passed him in the previous heat. Both were off the line; Stoneys though the dirt and Durso on the rumble strips. With Tauras just ahead, Durso maintained just enough speed down the front straight. Transponder times later showed Durso had gained 2 seconds per lap on Tauras.

Into the final infield section, Durso again tried passing but Stoneys held on. On the final straight some time was made up with Tauras finishing about a half a bike length ahead of Durso.

Hopefully this is an indication of next years racing season. Be sure not to miss the action and watch 2SB for all the latest news and announcements.

Final Stock Class positions for the year:
1st Ryan Bastinelli
2nd Myk Rodriguez
3rd Tim Hugh
4th Michael Durso

[We’ll post the rest when MASS does the math for us. -Ed]

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