RIP Scoot Quarterly?

At the Scoot Quarterly bag-stuffing party on Monday, Barry and Casey announced that the current issue would be the last. I remember getting an email from them in 1997 or so asking for advice for their new scooter magazine. I wrote them back a short stupid note, then a couple weeks later I got a glossy sales kit from them, they were way ahead of me from the start. SQ had its detractors (and its flaws) but overall, it was a great magazine, the best magazine any of us could have hoped for, and it will be sorely missed, even if it somehow continues without Barry and Casey. NOTE! The post to the BBS was removed, it’s unclear to us what’s going on, this might be some sort of hoax or prankOe more to comeOe

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  1. I called back about my missing issues and they said that they are in business and that scooterist gossip more than an old lady sewing circle. It is a high quality mag and worth the price and wait


  2. Whatever problems I had with Scoot! were nothing compared to how much I enjoyed the magazine! I think Barry and Casey do a hell of a job and deserve all the props in the world. I also found the cover price to be a bargain for such quality.

  3. I paid for a full year in march I recieved one issue . They neglected to send the summer, fall and winter issue and when I called they said “we need to check our records”

  4. When I arrived home on friday my back issues were waiting at the door FEDX Next day. Thanks again


  5. Ya, I had a subscription but didn’t get an issue or two. Casey was really cool and sent out a new one and made up for it and I ended up getting a double. But I think it’s like people who are passionate about scooters that open up a scooter shop. Many are poor buisness people. They can build or restore great scooters, but often leave something to be desired in the buisness end. They obviously can make a beautiful magazine, but maybe they’re not the best “publishers”. I’ve thought about trying to work in the scooter world but I don’t want my “outlet” to become my work and end up hating it and then doing it poorly.

  6. Well it is true that scooterists are the biggest gossippers I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope this isn’t the end of SQ.

  7. Scoot Quarterly is not dead, Barry and Casey sold it. It will continue to publish.

  8. Actually, all of your complaints are valid…

    Yet, I am saddened by the fact that we are loosing the best stateside publication that we have had concerning motorscooters..The fact that they took the time to put together such a magazine is amazing…Hats off…And I wish both Casey and Barry the best…

    Scott @ Supersonic Scooters, Inc.

  9. I’m not suprised. Their prices were extremely high. Hell, even to order the magazine online from their website it costs $10. Its ridiculous.

    They set out to do a good thing and are worthy of props for that. But, they really did a good job alienating scooterists with their ridiculous prices.

  10. jeff you gotta be kidding me.

    the US gets a decent-to-superior quarterly scooter magazine and your panties bunch up because it costs you…ahem…more like $8 with shipping to get a backorder mag?

    i spend almost that much on a regular issue of Scootering just to have the joy of scooter related bathroom reading.

    SQ will be sorely missed if itt truly is going away.

    slugrockets sc

  11. Seems like it was well worth the money to me. I read every word on every page, and loved about 90% of what I read. I hope its not kaput.

  12. If the magazine was too expensive, it was because it was too well-made. They printed it on better paper than any other magazine I’ve seen, and had color on nearly every page, and they shipped it first class in a poly bag in an envelope with a button and postcard. If it ever alienated a scooterist, it was because they were trying too hard to please a different scooterist. It’s easy to complain about the details, and I have, plenty of times, but the fact is they put out a pretty great magazine. Maybe you’re just mad they printed Stan’s insightful letter about your rally?

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