Thank You.

Several months ago, when we learned that the dryer set on low could melt the waistband in Bryan’s boxers, we knew we had a problem. Bryan took the dryer apart, cleaned everything, and announced to everyone in the Shakespeare Compound that the washer and dryer were on their last legs. He advised that we do not run the dryer when no one was home. He moved the fire extinguisher to a more prominent place in the basement.

We had begun to consider how we were going to come up with the cash to get something safer. I cried, picturing our baby sitting around in a crusty 2SB onesie. I was convinced something would work out, like perhaps, a year-end bonus. If not, I told Bryan I was fully prepared to sell Breaky, my 1973 Honda CB350F.

In October, I learned I was getting laid-off. Alas, there went the bonus. I knew Breaky was gone for sure.

On Saturday, when I opened the box from our “scooter trash” friends, I didn’t realize what was going on. Those in attendance can attest to my “Holy Shit!” reaction – I think there’s even photographic evidence. As Bryan said, we both started to cry. We certainly weren’t expecting something so awesome. Bryan stated more than once, “Our friends fucking rule.”

I wish we could have invited everyone to the shower. Just know that you “scooter trash” have a place to crash and wash your soiled underpants whenever you’re having construction done at your place, attending a rally, or just passing through Chicago.

We can’t thank you enough.

We are the luckiest scooter dorks in the world to have friends like you.

I still CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE you all chipped in to buy us a washer and dryer
for the baby shower. When we opened the treasure chest full of cash, we both
cried, then we cried even more, later, in the car on the way to dinner. I’m
about to cry now.

That was WAY above the call of duty, I’m still just totally dazed.

Over the past seven months or so, I’ve read the news every day and sometimes doubted that bringing a child into this world was a good idea, but your act of kindness proves that whatever happens, good people will rise above, and
our baby will always be safe.

I love you all. Real, big love. I don’t even have any idea how to thank you.
OK, now I’m crying again.

PS: Here’s the card Grace made and gave to us with the treasure chest. Special thanks to Grace for organizing it and keeping everyone quiet, and thanks of course to all of you that gave us other gifts, but this one deserves a big public thank you.