GT PR backfires on Today Show

A helpful reader sent us a transcript from this morning’s Today show:
(Matt Lauer and Katie Couric are standing among Vespas with PiaggioUSA CEO Constantino Sambuy)
Couric: Can you find these (points to a GS) on the market today? Because I favor these over the newer models.
Lauer: The marketing people are loving this right now. This is a certain look, KatieOe
Sambuy (looking slightly pale): Aie aie aie. You can find them but they are very expensive.
(they wander over to the GT, with Lauer saying something about “but for macho guys like me…”)

12 thoughts on “GT PR backfires on Today Show”

  1. Yeah, props for that, Dana. I noticed the Vespa Soho site has a nice outline of what is required (and/or recommended) for safe riding, I wish all scooter shops would do that. There are probably even ways to make money by promoting safety. Hmmmm.

  2. Well, at least we can’t accuse the Katie ‘n’ Matt show of being “scriped and rehearsed”. You just can’t script that “morning at the improv” style of comedy. Some of their interviews make the Three Stooges look like a precision drill team.


  3. Like a chipmunk? Are you saying this as a furrie, or as a Couric-o-phobe?

  4. Macho like Lauer? hell, he’s about as macho as I am. I like katie.

  5. Brooke is right. It should be called “Everyday with Katie” rather than “Today.” What’s up with that Lauer guy, anyway? He always reminds me of a washed-up jock with misplaced aggression.


  6. Someone on the BBS said Lauer ended the interview by saying “Ciao, bello!” to Sambuy, who just sort of shuddered. Someone’s gotta send me a quicktime!

  7. M2-Just cuz she’s over 20 she’s no good for your purposes. she’s probably not imprezzed by cars and skateboarding skillz anyway :P

    xo bgk

  8. Matt Lauer rides a Vespa people. This is some of the best exposure that scooters can get so far. There is also an write up at about the over all increase of sales in this catagory.

  9. She said WHAT?! Katie is my new hero. And here I thought she was just a dumb, bottle-blonde, talking head.

  10. Saw it. It was funny. Katie was sort of afraid of getting on it. Lauer actually handled it well, I thought he would drop it with Katie on the back. Poor Sambuy got the smack from Katie twice. First was when she said that the old style was better, then at the end he asked her if she would buy one, and she said “no”…

  11. Heh. Kattie rocks. At least the suggested an MSF course, not “in most states you don’t even need a license”

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