Gilera Ferro

Piaggio’s rumored 850cc scooter is still under wraps, but the new Gilera Ferro 850 is an automatic motorcycle based on the same engine. Automatic motorcycles have generally been disappointing, but this one seems pretty hot. Thanks to M5 for the link.

6 thoughts on “Gilera Ferro”

  1. Yeah, if I had the money i’d be riding a Stella. But, I’d still like to see modern scooters with shifting. Why can these not exist? How about an Aprilia SR50 with a push-button 4 speed? Or a Speedfight? Or a Runner? I just don’t understand why modern scooters are in this state of self-imposed retardation.

  2. If Piaggio’s version of this bike ever comes out (and if it comes to the US) it will probably have a similar set-up, and look more like a scooter. But, you know, Bajaj and Stella make manual scooters, if you like to shift. Contrary to what the twist-and-go people tell you, they’re very easy to ride, and in my humble opinion, way more satisfying than most automatics.

  3. As a owner of both two Twist and Gos and two “classic type” I must also say that the dragster 180 is a blast to drive but, the manuals are a lot more fun

  4. I want a scooter with push-button shifting. Will someone please make me one. Riding a one-speed twist and go is unsatisfying, to say the least.

  5. I just noticed that if you read the first comment backwards, it says “Matthew Sweet.”

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