Congrats, Brooke!

Oh, and as long as we’re congratulating people, cheers to 2SB reader Dr. Brooke “Your Mom” Gordon George Kelley, who passed his dissertation yesterday to become a PhD in Pharmacology. He’ll be that much more fun at parties now. His mom, Beth, must be very proud.

8 thoughts on “Congrats, Brooke!”

  1. So does this mean you can make your own LSD? Seriously, congratulations.

  2. Great job, BGK. Many congrats.

    Is it true you put the “orge(y)” in George?

  3. Way to go Big Boy…!! Congrats. Can you get me some Oxycotton?

  4. Thanks Bb. But my middle name is George, not Gordon. But the name Gordon does rock. Repeat it a couple times to yourself and it really gets catchy…or weird, but cool.
    Thanks to all the 2SB and SnD peeps for the support.

  5. I could do that before. don’t you remember? you taught me how. ‘member, that one time, at our cousins wedding in Wakesha? Then that cop came, and we gave him some, and he was like, “cool”. Then the other cop came and the first one had to pretend to arrest us and then we got a ride in the cop car to the liquor store and we partied with him and some hookers til we had to go to the race the next morning. And then you told me to never tell anyone about that. remember that? that was when you showed me how to make LSD. That was cool.

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