11 thoughts on “INDUCTION”

  1. Congrats. Best of luck. Don’t forget the catcher’s mitt. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can get a hit off the Epidural.

  2. AWESOME! Congrats, guys! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the news.

  3. Wow. Best of luck to both of you. And you’re going to be great as parents.

  4. Talked to Tracie last night. They weren’t giving her any drugs — yet. She’s hanging in there! I think Bryan had passed out so I didn’t get to talk to him :-)

  5. No need to induce; the tax breaks for having a child before the new years aren’t THAT great. Best of luck to you, the missus and baBy bB. (Now is the time to start shopping for sidecars.)

  6. When I read “induction” I though Bb was finally being admitted into the Knights of Columbus. This is cool, too, though.

  7. Congrats. Good luck you guys. Hope everbody’s healthy and happy.

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