7 thoughts on “More Milena photos”

  1. The .avi movie should work now, but it’s 3.5MB, so please download it and play it on your computer, it’ll work much better that way.

  2. You guys know how to bring up a kid. Bathing her in the kitchen sink with DAWN. Just like Grandma used to do.

    She’s going to be ready for the “2stroke” crowd.


  3. Tracie, Bryan (& Milena):

    Thanks to the hint from Jimbo, we got turned on to the photos. You have a lovely daughter. The movie was especially special. Hope all is well after the amazingly short hospital stay! Nancy, Andrew & Megan will be checking in soon. We’ll keep checking the website for updates.
    Love, A & C

  4. yes,the babys cute.ya might have a problem with us punters in 18 years.but,ray davies shot in new orleans defending his bird!!!! that is breaking news. no offense!! cooche-cooo!!!!!

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