Bocanegra signs with Fulham

2sb’s favorite MLS player, defender Carlos Bocanegra, is leaving the Chicago Fire for a three-year deal with Fulham FC in the English Premier League. He’ll be greatly missed by the Fire, but it’s an awesome opportunity and we know he’ll be the greatest Cottager since George Michael.

4 thoughts on “Bocanegra signs with Fulham”

  1. a few years ago i really thought zach thornton would be playing for an italian team.. not ac-milan or roma, but maybe sampdoria..

    how come his career never took off in that direction?

  2. I just read that Fulham picked up Brian McBride from Columbus Crew, I think I have a new favorite Premiership team! Arsenal is getting old, with all the winning and stuff.

  3. While he has been one of the greatest Fire defenders since their inception in 1998, we knew he would be destined for better things. Not to say that the Fire isn’t a great thing, but obviously, the Premiership can offer him exposure and access to the best training in Europe.
    The Fire is proving a great training ground for new talent with DaMarcus Beasley, Jim Curtain and Damani Ralph. Someday soon, the MLS will be a place to come and play out your career, rather than just a proving ground. That day is sooner than you think.

  4. Zach didn’t make it, in my huimble opinion, because he just likes the MLS. And food. Lots of it. The first day of practice last year, he was up a good 20+ lbs. Some guys are just happy with the MLS, I guess.
    Arsenal winning to much? If last season taught us anything, that will change at just the wrong time…
    Fulham, well, I’m down. They have a good team, a young team and are making a good stab at staying on the top half of the table. Can’t wait to see Boca in action. Got to love the Cottagers…

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