India, the new Italy

Rupees continue to fall like rain on Italy this month as Piaggio announced their plans for a Rs 1,000-cr turnover in India by 2005, mainly on the heels of their Quadracycle and other cargo vehicles. “Rs 1,000-cr” means “One thousand Crore Rupees,” or “1,000 10-million rupees,” which I think works out to ten billion rupees, or something like US$221 millon, if my math is right. Could they make that a little more confusing? Meanwhile, Italjet has licensed seven models to Kinetic to be produced in India. Italjet will cease domestic production of the models and Kinetic will manufacture, distribute and market them worldwide, using Italjet’s current distributors. All engines will be manufactured by Kinetic, unlike the Italian versions which used Piaggio and other outsourced motors.

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