6 thoughts on “Les Nessman was a scooterboy.”

  1. are they moving or just visiting cincinnati?? i know keith is a big cincinnati bearcats fan but do they know many people in cincinnati?? hope we still see him once in a while.

  2. They’re moving, for good. Keith got transferred and they bought a house. We grew up (middle school through high school) there, and Keith went to UC for six or seven years. Our parents are still there, and Keith has lots of friends still there from his college days.

  3. Leslie, if you’re Leslie that runs the vintage boutique by the Comet, Keith used to go out with Amy Muckerman, whom I believe you know. Don’t ask me how I know this.

  4. Yup- that’s me.
    I’ll be d@mned! I remember him. It’s been years though- doubt he remembers me! What a tiny little world. Tell him he better come hang out or I will send a bunch of scooter freaks after his @ss! Amy moved to NYC- did he know that?

  5. Don’t know any of the parties involved, but I do know that the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope lived in Porkopolis with his family for a time in the 1840s. Who knew?

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