Janklow to serve 100 days

South Dakota Congressman (and ex-attorney general and governor) Bill Janklow was sentenced to only 100 days in jail last week for killing motorcyclist Randy Scott, while speeding and running a stop sign near Trent, SD on August 16 2003. Janklow had been served 13 speeding tickets since 1990, but argued that, being a diabetic, his low blood sugar had affected his judgement in the fatal crash. Motorcyclists across the country are outraged that a well-connected politician known for his tough stance on law-and-order was given such a light sentence, and several biker groups have threatened to boycott Sturgis in protest. Janklow has since resigned from the House of Representatives.

One thought on “Janklow to serve 100 days”

  1. Now this just ticks me off!!!Just when I am beginning to mellow out about life and enjoy the stable life this cocksmoker gets an easy sentence. He probably won’t even serve a day! if he was ever put in G.P.( General Population) he would be served the justice that he deserves. How in the fuck can you even try to justify running the same stop sign multiple times (being served tickets for that specific intersection at least twice) on low blood sugar!!!!!!!!!!!! What is Michael Jackson gonna use the pepsi defense next to explain the buggery of little boys? Man I need to buy some jolt soda and smack some politicians the fuck around mebbe I will only get a slap on the wrist as well….. heh a good rant is better than a beer sometimes. Hey Beeb is there a fund for Randy Scott or is the AMA doing anything?

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