Aprilia set for bank bailout

As is the case whenever an Italian motorcycle manufacturer is up against it, the Italian government, banks, and probably the Texas Pacific Group, are stepping in to save Aprilia. If you keep enabling them, Italian government, they’ll never learn. Thank Lu$ for trying to keep up with the story.

One thought on “Aprilia set for bank bailout”

  1. “Enabling them?”

    I suppose, then, the US government should not have bailed out Chrysler in the 1980s, based on this argument. Where would we be without the beloved K-car, where one platform could be sold under six or seven different model names, eh? Maybe, just maybe, Aprillia will develop that K-scoot that will revolutionize the whole scooter scene. Didn’t think of that, now, did you?

    But seriously, folks, I imagine that if Harley’s were threatened with corporate bankruptcy, the US wouldn’t think twice about loaning them some cash to climb out of their hole. This brings into question of whether or not there can be a truly free market system, but that gets us into economics and I want to stay away from discussing the dismal science for now.


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