Louisville report

I used to link up every scooter news story I could find, but these days you can search Google News and find a dozen rewritten Vespa-PR-hack stories from around the country. But this Louisville Courier-Journal story actually seems to have a little research in it. Matthew Wysocki will be surprised to learn that the area’s first club is getting started, since he started one at least a year ago, but otherwise, nicely done, with a sidebar about Vespa films that covers all the big ones except Encino Man.

3 thoughts on “Louisville report”

  1. I think they rode an Elite in Encino Man, but I could be wrong.


  2. The Scootopia folks are nice enough. But notice that the Vespa dealership is also a Buick dealership. And I’ll believe the rally with hundreds of people attending when the other Louisville folk actually show up at someone else’s rally.Still, a pretty well done article.

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