Road to Lisbon

kahn.jpgTeri Slugrocket tipped us off that the new Adidas ads are showing during Fox Sports World Premiership match broadcasts. I’m going to go out and buy six pairs of Gazelles tonight. Becks sounds awfully excited about his scooter, considering he never even rode it. I’m not generally excited about ads, but c’mon, soccer stars, scooters, AND “It’s Caper Time!” NEWS FLASH: the ad was on Adidas’ site all along, but I had popups turned off: Road To Lisbon. It cracks me up that they put Oliver Kahn on a Heinkel Tourist.

5 thoughts on “Road to Lisbon”

  1. “It cracks me up that they put Oliver Kahn on a Heinkel Tourist.” soccer nrrd…

  2. The music’s from the original Italian Job movie… (although I don’t know if it was original to that…). The Self Preservation Society or somesuch thing is the name of the song.

  3. That’s the instrumental version, which was called “It’s Caper Time,” the vocal version is commonly known as “The Self-Preservation Society,” but is actually titled “Get a Bloomin’ Move On.” I believe Quincy Jones composed the song specifically for The (original, must-see) Italian Job. Rockstar’s Italian Job video game plays “It’s Caper Time” over and over again for hours, and I never got sick of it. I never saw the new Italian Job, was it any good?

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