U.S. scooter sales up 20%

The March,2004 issue of Dealer News reports that U.S scooter sales are increasing at a 20% annual rate, and now comprise about 3% of the powersports market. 47,000 legitimate scooters were sold in 2003, possibly closer to 60,000 including grey-market and non-DOT-approved units. Their top 10 U.S. scooter markets (2003):

  1. Los Angeles (2039 units)
  2. Chicago (1762)
  3. New York City (1668)
  4. Minneapolis/St. Paul (1401)
  5. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (1201)
  6. Denver (1174)
  7. Seattle/Tacoma (1031)
  8. Salt Lake City (1022)
  9. D.C./Maryland (1014)
  10. Bay Area (955)

6 thoughts on “U.S. scooter sales up 20%”

  1. This article was at least as interesting as the P*r*s H*lt*n s*x videotape br**sts Br*ttn*y Sp**rs pics.

    :) :::zoom!:::

  2. where does the R*sc*l “p*w*r ch*ir” mob*li*y scooter figure in to those numbers?

    (just wait for the google searches to pick that up and people start e-mailing you with inquiries…)

  3. thanks, pj. that should double my spam from chinese manufacturers looking to sell me crap. And this post will triple it.

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