Letter from Mr V. Mushayandebvu

Has anyone else recieved this cryptic email?


I am the assistant manager of the palace’s northwest wing starbucks for the King of Zimbabwe. Along with my duties of making sure that our King’s morning coffee is at the required temperature and sweetness (he likes a lot of sugar), I am in charge of the exportation of non-vital non-military personnel carriers.

Due to an uprising amongst militant gorillas we are forced to export all of our non-vital non-military personnel carriers. We have a strong desire to do future business with you, upon completion of this task. This could amount to Millions in U.S. dollars.

We originally contacted the North American Motorized Bike Lover’s Association N.A.M.B.L.A., but were told by them that they can only accept vehicles with a child safety seat (i don’t understand, you americans are over protective of children, maybe)

What we would like to do is give you a Stella Scooter. For almost nothing! This scooter will be “donated” from Genuine Scooter Company of Chicago, and along with contacts at American Corporation Sportique Scooters, in Denver, Colorado. Once you have received your scooter, we will contact you in the not to distant future, to arrange the transfer of up to $15 Million in U.S. dollars (note, U.S. and not canadian)

We ask that you receive this Genuine Scooter Company of Chicago Stella in the following manner.

1) You must go to Denver Colorado, to the MILE HIGH MAYHEM SUPER HAPPY FUN LUCKY RALLY #7 (this is in arrangements with our asian “business” partners) the weekend of July 29th-August 1st, 2004.

2) You must attend this event under the disguise of what you Americans call a Scooterist. You must make it look like you are having fun.

3) You must buy at least 1 raffle ticket, but to ensure that your cover is not exposed we think you should buy as many as you can (don’t worry, this raffle is fixed, you will win scooter, and the Millions in U.S. dollars will be more then compensation)

4) There are many, many of other prizes we have put in raffle, if you win, just pretend that you are surprised. You can keep, consider gift in good will.

5) Once you have won, you must use scooter, so that we can track where you are, after the MILE HIGH MAYHEM SUPER HAPPY FUN LUCKY RALLY #7

To make arrangements please visit:


We have chosen this event, because is North American Premier Scooter Event. Please go to scoot.net, to see other American Partners who have received Scooters at this rally.

Please to look for more information on this rally, soon.

Mr V. Mushayandebvu

6 thoughts on “Letter from Mr V. Mushayandebvu”

  1. Can’t they come up with something original.
    Zimbabwe is always copying Nigeria.

  2. is there even such a thing as the NORTH AMERICAN MOTORIZED BIKE LOVERS ASSOCIATION ?
    or is this guy just a good ole namblin man .

  3. That was awesome! I’ve gotten so many of those actual ones, it’s ridiculous. One was actually addressed to “Kathy T. Great”!

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