2 Stroke America DVD

WideMag, which appears to be a webzine for globetrotting horny frat boys, has released a DVD called 2 Stroke America featuring the exploits of the High Endurance Scooter Club of Orlando, Florida. It actually looks pretty cool, judging from the trailer.

8 thoughts on “2 Stroke America DVD”

  1. Hell, I bought the limited edition “Son in Law” with comments from Pauly Shore on DVD, on Bryan’s recomendation.

  2. Yo Rev,

    This DVD is actually not that bad. I thought it would suck to be honest when I bought it.

    Yes, the HESC is represented but so are the Vulcans, Imperials, Fist City, Tampa 2 Stroke and several others. It is a good representation of America for that part of America. It could easily be called 2 Stroke South East, but America seems better anyways.

    Good job guys!! We need to know go to the next HESC rally to be on the next DVD.

  3. Not at all!!! Just keeping up with you.

    Once you get the DVD, please post your personal review. You could trash it or adore it or neither.

    It’s really all about riding 2 strokes!!!

  4. Herbie

    My problem with it is it’s brought across as all about the scooter scene in America, yet all the footage comes from the HESC rally in Florida…not even close to a cross section of the North American rally scene….if you want to produce a more accurate representation, it would require more than just a weekend event to do so…..you’ll have a ton of airmiles afterwards though…..

  5. I thought we were in a contest to see who could post the most deceptive statement. No? My bad. But if we were, I think it was a close contest but maybe I edged you out by a nose. Are you being a sore loser? Well, maybe not sore.

    I asked if you wanted to buy my copy, not if you’d buy me a copy.

    But I will likely buy a copy. I AM so much of a scooter/2stroke dork that I’ll probably not be able to help myself. And the HESC people seemed like a nice group of folks when I visited orlando a couple years ago.

  6. i bought the warlocks album on bryan’s recommendation.
    i wish i kept the receipt.

  7. I thought is was horrible, especially the music. Herbie, do you want to buy my copy?

  8. Yeah, that was a pretty objective review coming from the director. I bet Rob Zombie really liked House of 1000 Corpses, too. Why don’t you put your $10 where your mouth is and send me a copy to review, Herbie? 2sb’s tiny army of readers will do anything I tell them to.

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