BajajUSA comments on cheapo Legends

I asked Al Kolvites, president of BajajUSA, to comment on yesterday’s post about $1500 Bajaj Legends. Here is his reply:

The picture shows a 2003 Legend. And you are correct, we didn’t sell any 2001’s, we started in 2002.

These were not imported by us, and we are the only distributor authorized to sell in the U.S. Unfortunately, anybody in India with a computer can claim themselves as export brokers, and once in a while they get somebody to pay cash in advance for a cheap Bajaj scooter. We periodically get a call from someone asking why they can’t get their scooter through Customs (without a VIN, there is no record in the Custom’s computer of passing EPA tests.) Some boldly ask me to send copies of my EPA certification documents so they can get their illegal scooter through customs.

If you come across anyone dumb enough to buy one of these you will find that it certainly doesn’t meet the DOT and EPA requirements, doesn’t
have a VIN, and is probably without a starter & battery, and it might even be a 125cc (which they make for the Indian market)

There are also some illegal 1993 Bajaj 3 wheelers coming in from Mexico. They are of the 2 stroke variety, and of course don’t meet the EPA requirements, nor the DOT. OK for Mexico, not legal here. I’ve already received several inquires for manual and parts. I will not support an illegal vehicle, I will not reward any illegal behavior.

Buyer Beware!!

Al Kolvites

7 thoughts on “BajajUSA comments on cheapo Legends”

  1. BGK-
    What the heck? The scoots in question are four strokes. He said the two stroke three wheelers don’t meeting US regulations? That’s the fact, jack. It sounds like you’re bad mouthing a guy that’s worked real hard to build a reputable business bringing metal body, manual shift scooters to the USA.

  2. Brooke is just trying to start trouble. Ignore him, I do.

  3. Heh, yeah I wish my grey market legend was a 2T and not a 4T, but it’s still fun. And I spent a helluva lot less than the advertised $1,500 ;)

  4. I don’t like the sound of that. It sounds like he’s bad mouthing 2 strokes!

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