PX150 Serie America

Exciting news, from a newsletter sent to Piaggio dealers September 17, 2004:

Vespa PX150 “SERIE AMERICA” (Limited Edition): Yes, you read correctly—it’s finally on its
way! Twelve months of work from our engineering team has paid off and the PX 150 has now passed U.S. homologation. After a 20 year absence, the PX is back, practically unchanged (few aesthetics and
a disk brake) with its timeless design and unique riding feel. This is sure to be a winner.

To celebrate this historic event, we will be numbering the first 500 units of the “American”
production run. No orders will be taken for this vehicle until after our formal announcement
expected around late October. Availability will be extremely limited and supply will be subject to
allocation, however, 2 units from the first production run will be guaranteed to all dealerships. Expect deliveries to start in late November. Availability of the “standard” version will commence first quarter 2005. Full details will follow the day after the production start in October.

The newsletter also announces the Piaggio Typhoon 50 will arrive in late October, replacing the LT50 and LT150 in the lineup.