2sb Drinking game

Ok, i’ve been putting this off for too long, but it’s time for the 2strokeBuzz “Scooters in the news” Drinking Game:

  • Story mentions or alludes to Roman Holiday/Quadrophenia: 2 drinks.
  • Headline alludes to Roman Holiday/Quadrophenia: 4 drinks.
  • Story uses the words “cute,” “putt,” or “diminuative:” 1 drink per instance.
  • Uses the phrase “Easy Rider” “Born to be Mild” or “Mild Ones”: 2 drinks, 4 if it’s a headline.
  • Story mentions espresso, cappuchino, or other posh coffee product: 1 drink.
  • Story fails to mention any brand but Vespa: 3 drinks.
  • Story makes ridiculous claims about gas mileage: 1 drink.
  • Says “park anywhere:” 1 drink.
  • Compares them, favorably or not, to Harley Davidsons: 2 drinks.
  • Interviews yokel who traded motorcycle for a scooter and couldn’t be happier: 2 drinks.
  • Attributes scooter boom to high gas prices or the economy: 1 drink.
  • Mentions college students, commuters, or women as target market: 1 drink (each).
  • Uses phrase “not your father’s (whatever):” 2 drinks.
  • Features Piaggio promo photos: 1 drink.
  • Features a Costantino Sambuy quote from a PiaggioUSA press release, used as if the reporter talked to him: 3 drinks.
  • Incident of condescension: one drink, two if it’s condescending to women.
  • Calls scooters “mopeds” or calls mopeds, pocketbikes, Go-Peds, or electric bicycles “scooters:” 2 drinks
  • Blatant factual error: 2 drinks.
  • Egregious factual error (“the 500cc ET2”): 4 drinks
  • Appears in big city newspaper and doesn’t shout out to local clubs: 1 drink per club ignored.
  • Lists celebrities that own scooters: 1 drink per instance, 4 each if it’s Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld.

Post your suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them and link this up every time I post a news story.

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  1. Great list. No wonder we’ve been hung over so much lately! I’ll need to watch it next tme I do an interview.

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