Did you guys hear? There’s a Vespa in “Alfie!”

From sfgate:

Piaggio USA isn’t even trying to be subtle about the role of its Vespa motor scooter in the forthcoming “Alfie” remake. Teaming up with Paramount Pictures, the studio that showcased a fleet of Mini-Coopers in last summer’s heist film “The Italian Job,” Piaggio will be sending out free tickets to “Alfie” and featuring star Jude Law in dealership promotions.

After the Spiderman Typhoon promotion that happened before the Typhoons were available, and the Coach promotion they didn’t bother telling the dealers about, I bet dealers aren’t holding their breath for Jude Law to stop by. One more time, Piaggio, why I’m bitter: You keep using old Vespas to sell new Vespas. If new Vespas are so cool, put Alfie on one of those in the movie. When they (and oh, they will) remake Bullitt with Vin Diesel, they’ll use the new Bullitt Mustang, not the old one. They used the new Minis in the Italian Job. Have some goddamn pride in your product.