Vespaway and Vespaquest

While 2sb was gone, many scooterblogs have sprung up, notably VespaUSA’s two officially-sanctioned blogs; Vespaway and Vespaquest. Both are lovely, and I look forward to stealing links from them in retribution for the pain of 2strokebuzz not being asked to the dance. Just keep in mind that even if other sites have stolen your hearts, you can always come here to bitch about Azzurro Grande behind its back.

2 thoughts on “Vespaway and Vespaquest”

  1. Thanks very much, PJ, very glad to be back.

    I have to officially move the domain name to the new server. it’s bouncing from the old domain now but soon it’ll be back to normal. the RSS address will be simpler, too.

    I’ve been following vespazine and several others, I’m just saving them for future posts when things get slow, ha.

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