UtrechtNoord 2005

Do you like Runners and Zips doing wheelies? Do you like crazy Dutch guys? Do you like generic techno music and video bits edited together with star fades? You’ll love UtrechtNoord 2005 on YouTube. Thanks Professor Matthew!

One thought on “UtrechtNoord 2005”

  1. I love ALL that stuff. Do you think these guys went to the CL “wheelie school?”

    There was another version of a very similar video that had an awesomely-bad US hip-hop song redone by some band I’d never heard, and that one was even more homoerotic, with the guys basically doing each other in every position of the Kama Sutra while pullings wheelies and sharing a tight saddle space. It’s all great stuff, I’d like to see more of these videos at Rosemeont instead of the sportbike Stuntazz we usually see.

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