5 thoughts on “3 wheels are better than 2?”

  1. I keep posting that this idea is not original (yes, I’m turning into that kind of grumpy old man on the interweb). Italjet had the Scooop (yes, three “O”s). google it for an image. It even made final production for at least a few units. Don’t even get me started on the Amarcord.

  2. Okay, explain this Brooke. What is the advantage of having the two wheels in the front over having two wheels in the back?

  3. more grip while not increasing rotating mass for the motor to drive, maybe? I’m not 100% sure that 2 wheels in the rear wouldn’t be super cool but it doesn’t look as coo! I think about it as when I’m riding I have no problem controlling a rear wheel skid from locking up the breaks or a seize. But when the front wheel starts to slide I feel pretty helpless. I think the trick thing about this new bike (and I think the italjets as well) is that the wheels lean in the same way as the normal front wheel would, rather than just adding a 4 wheeler front end on a scooter with squared off tires and A-arm suspension. I think maybe the geometry of having the two wheels up front makes it different than two in the rear that made 3 wheel ATV’s so prone to rolling over. maybe it’s a directional weight transfer thing. This is just what I can imagine so I could be way off.

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