2sb’s Chicago Motorcycle Show photos

We finally set up our photo gallery, so here are all our photos from the Chicago Motorcycle Show. We’ll be changing the look of the gallery to match the rest of the site, but at least it works now.

2 thoughts on “2sb’s Chicago Motorcycle Show photos”

  1. We don’t have any merchandise to speak of at the moment, but we’re working on that.

    The saddest/funniest part of any motorcycle show is the showoff sportbike stuntrider outlaw type guys who paid a thousand bucks for a tiny booth. You can tell when they were drunk and ‘roided up one night, they pictured a booth with a booming sound system playing techno music and some hot chicks wearing custom leathers with their (horrible) logo, and a big crowd of gape-jawed fans circling their booth to see their bikes, and watching their exploits on a 100-inch plasma screen, but they’re dumb, poor, and lazy, so it always ends up being a cheapo vinyl banner, the 17″ tv/vcr combo from their mom’s bedroom, a CD boombox, and the only one of their girlfriends they could talk into coming, wearing a cardigan and looking bored, and they rode their bikes there and/or found out they missed the fire inspection, so they don’t even have their bikes in the booth. Their return on investment is about .003% because they sold three videos to two high school kids and the guy from the vinyl banner shop that happened to pass by.

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