Piaggio, Arctic Cat form dealer alliance

In an announcement that brings to mind the Piaggio/Cushman agreement of the early 60s, Piaggio and Arctic Cat announced today a plan to “…expand and strengthen their respective distribution in Europe and North America, and potentially lead to other areas of future collaboration….” It appears that Piaggio Group scooters and motorcycles will soon be sold at selected North American Arctic Cat snowmobile/ATV dealers, a market almost as lowbrow as Piaggio’s “boutique” targets were highbrow. At least it appears Piaggio has moved on to marketing their vehicles as transportation rather than status symbols, and that makes us happy. That said, we’re fairly unfamiliar with the snowmobile market, Arctic Cats could be overpriced eye candy sold only in the ritziest districts of Minnesota…

7 thoughts on “Piaggio, Arctic Cat form dealer alliance”

  1. Does this mean they’re gonna start making Coach snowmobiles or pink jet skis?

  2. I think cross market unions in powersports is just in vogue after the KTM-Polaris deal. It seems like they are nice safe alternatives to mergers and purchases where one company isn’t left with a stinker division that they later have to sell off when all they really wanted was just to increase their bargaining clout in one cost area or another. But I’m no business guy.

  3. I wonder how common it was in the past for snow machine dealerships to also sell Vespas? Our 1952 Allstate was used by a guy in the Alaskan bush to drive to the bar in the summer. In the winter, he used his snow machine.

    But I like Big Al’s idea of a Coach ™ branded snow cat! with matching pink snowmachine suit and matching pink helmet.

  4. No way. I want a Vespa with hideous neon lightning graphics!

    You can include a matching helmet, if you like.

  5. Crystal Waters from scooter seatcovers.com has some interesting musings on her blog http://www.girlbike.com/scooters/

    Her seat covers are cool, I won one for an ET2/4 at a rally and she kindly let me exchange it for one that I could use.

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