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Smallwood wheelie, WKRP 2003Scott Smallwood announced today that he will leave SuperSonicScooters next week. Smallwood established the Columbus, OH scooter shop in the mid-90s and made it famous on the strength of his Vespa smallframe tuning expertise. Smallwood dominated the MASS scooter racing league on a specials-class Vespa smallframe, before moving on to GP125 motorcycle racing, and is one of scooterdom’s best-loved and most colorful personalities. Scott leaves SSS to work for Trek Bicycles, he was a successful bicycle racer before a knee injury ended his career and started his interest in motorcycles and scooters.

His open letter to scooterists and friends follows:

Fellow smallframers, scooterists, motorcycle fans & racing fiends,
Scott Smallwood @ Supersonic Scooters here.

It brings me a pang of sorrow to announce that I will be leaving
Supersonic Scooters on the 18th. of March, 2006. I occasionally may help out
when time allows, but I will no longer be a staple @ the shop.

On the other hand I am very happy to announce that I will be working for
Trek Bicycles USA, allowing me to pursue another passion of mine. I will be
taking a position that will allow for some travel and the potential to move
forward within the company and they seem to be very excited to have me

I will continue to pursue my motorcycle road racing (which got off to a
killer start in South Carolina w/ a win), continue to ride & race scooters,
and attempt to help anyone who may have questions concerning anything two
wheeled related…

I also feel that this may be a perfect opportunity for Supersonic
Scooters to move forward as well. We have some fresh blood (David Sigler &
Will Lainge) that have both done an outstanding job. Please be patient as
Dave & Will are still finding all those nuts & bolts, but they are
accomadating wonderfully. And we can’t forget Larry, do not hesitate to ask
the ol’ dog for anything-he will do what he can to set you straight.

This being my last week @ SSS, please stop in and say hello. It really
has been the people that I have met over the years that have made this
venture totally worthwhile for me. And I feel that I can proudly say that I
have once owned and have been employed by one of the most kick ass shops of
it’s kind.

Thanks guys, all of you!

Scott Smallwood @ Supersonic Scooters, LLC.

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