One thought on “Life imitates Quadrophenia”

  1. What the bloody hell you doin’?

    We could’ve killed you!


    Look at this.

    Ah, fuckin’ hell!
    Look what you’ve done!

    You cunts!

    [Driver] Why didn’t you stop?

    You’ve killed me scooter!

    Fuck off! Leave it alone!
    Get off it!

    – It’s Only a dent…
    – Fuck off!

    Get off it!

    Take it easy, take it easy, now.

    Fuckin’ leave it alone!

    Get off! Get off it!

    There it is.
    It’s on the floor now.

    You’re lucky you weren’t killed.

    – Fuckin’ lucky, am I?
    – ‘Course you are.

    – Bastard!
    – I didn’t see you.

    Fuck off! Go away.

    10 years, never had an accident.

    No fuckin’ accident!
    You got me, didn’t you?

    Why don’t you kill me?
    All of ya!

    All of you fuckin’ Mr Postmen,
    fuck off, go on!

    Fuck off!

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