2 thoughts on “Scooter seat height reference”

  1. I don’t trust manufacturer specs for seat heights (and dry weight). Where do they measure this single number from? The lowest point? How wide is this lowest point? If I had a matchstick ass maybe the lowest single point would be useful. And with the odd shapes of seats now-a-days that are sculpted thrones to cover up the bogus underseat storage who knows what that means. I like low scooters but if the highest is a PX then other things must come into play like WIDTH. But, that would take someone to think about it which is already 2 steps ahead of customers and one step ahead of manufacturers.

  2. Exactly, Brooke, width and shape are major factors (example: the insane Vespa Granturismo seat), as is fork travel and shock compression, as Ryan was pointing out to me the other day. His Husquevarna motard is about 60 or 70 inches off the ground, but if you put my 250lb butt on it it would come down to a reasonable level. It’s maybe not as much of an issue with scooters, but seat height specs should always be taken with a grain of alcohol.

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