6 thoughts on “Piaggio X2 3-wheeler video”

  1. They had 2 aprilia 250 GP riders in a video driving it. I think Alex DeAngelis and maybe Barbera or Lorenzo. But those damn San Marinians never speak english so I missed out on their comments.

    once again, 2 words: Italjet Scooop.

  2. I think it’s pretty cool. It’d be great for the Dells rally…when it happens.

  3. Italjet and the Scooop are dead, Brooke, The Scooop is not on the “list of 7” Kinetic Italjet models, so we’re unlikely to ever see it again. Did it even ever go into production? Italjet’s site says it was to be released in spring, 2002, but their website hasn’t been updated since 2001 and from what I can tell, the Scooop never came out in a regular production run. US Italjet dealers sold ’em much later than 2001, but was there an Italjet built after 2002 or so? The Kinetic deal was announced in 2004, and they were definitely shut down by then.

  4. There was a complete model for sale in Miami with the LEADER 150 motor about a year or so ago. I think I have pictures somewhere.

  5. Judging from that site and the Austrailian importer page, it does look like Italjet might be close to a comeback, but you’d think they’d post SOMETHING to that effect on their own site. They probably can’t find their FTP password. When new Dragsters are sitting on a showroom floor in America with DOT/EPA stickers on them, I will believe Italjet is back, and if they can keep them coming for a year or so, I’ll have enough faith in the company and distributor to consider buying one.

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