Win a Vespa signed by Corey Hart!

CTV (with the technological help of ABC, because Canadian TV is apparently broadcast in black and white) is giving away a Vespa PX150 as part of their Juno awards shenanigans. If you think it’s worth sitting through any music awards show, let alone one with performances by The Guess Who and 54/40, to win a Vespa, go for it. Note: Events Halifax, one of the sponsors, has an awesome logo.

2 thoughts on “Win a Vespa signed by Corey Hart!”

  1. I was just joking about The Guess Who and 54/40, but I’d rather see them than Nickelback, that’s for sure. And Even Hot Hot Heat, New Pornographers, and the Arcade Fire can’t make up for Tegan and Sara. Only one thing could get me to watch (If i even got CTV) and that is: CUB REUNION!

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