Schwinn & TNG links linked?

We’re still getting a lot of hits from Schwinn’s link, and we just noticed that they’ve borrowed more than design cues from TNG:
Schwinn Scooters’ “Extras” Page
TNG Motor Scooters’ “Extras” page
Which got us thinking “maybe they’re actually related somehow” but Whois records and Google searches provide no indication that CMSI (TNG’s parent company in Washington state) is involved in Schwinn Scooters (a division of Pacific Cycle who own Schwinn, Mongoose and GT, based near the Pacific in Madison, WI). I’ve emailed TNG to hopefully find out more.
(UPDATE: 4-18-06: It turns out there’s much more to the story.)

2 thoughts on “Schwinn & TNG links linked?”

  1. There’s something that bugs the hell out of me about the Schwinn scooters. I mean, I know that Schwinn has gone down hill for years and that they’ve been making stuff over seas since the 70s, but there’s some extra bad about seeing the Schwinn name on crappy scooters.
    Why have I become such a miltant nativist here?

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