6 thoughts on “60 already?”

  1. 40% are still made in Italy, eh? Wonder where the rest are.

    Oh, and another thing — Bryan I hatehatehate that 2sb doesn’t open links in a new page. I’m constantly looking at stuff, closing it, and then remembering you’re one of maybe 2 sites in the world that don’t open a new page for links.

    Just sayin’.

  2. I’d agree with that link issue, Bb. I don’t know if I hate it, but it’s something I’ve thought of. Then again, I DO have a 2 button mouse that I just RIGHT CLICK and choose ‘open in new window’.

    viva la 2sb

  3. Doing a little research about how to change this, and i’ve found it’s a big issue among web nerds. The “old way” to do it, which I used on the old site, has been depreciated, and on top of that, lots of web programmers think opening links in a new window is crass.

    I think it does make sense for external links on a weblog to open in a new window (or tab) but I’m looking at the options available to make sure whatever I do is standards-compliant and doesn’t affect the usability of the site. In the meantime, as Brooke points out, there are a variety of mouse button/key combinations that allow you to control how a link opens. Thanks again for the input.

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