First Kinetic “Italjet” released

colors_191.jpgAs reported on The Scooter Scoop: Kinetic, who acquired rights to produce seven Italjet models way back in 2004, has at last released their first model: the Kinetic Italiano Blaze (thankfully renamed from the Italjet Millenium, which seems, erm, dated). Kinetic’s site features an overhead photo of all seven planned “Italiano” (apparently they’re not using the Italjet name) models in a popup window (note the Blaze is labeled as the “Blade”). Those Kinetic Dragsters may be a reality yet, not to mention the long-awaited Kinetic circa-1993 Velocifero, the first retro-RETRO scooter. Hopefully someone with Indian scooter importing experience and nothing else to do at the moment will bring them to the USA.

UPDATE: also from Scooter Scoop, here’s a test ride and review.

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