The Denny’s dumpster is not a HazMat disposal center
(not even at 3am)

As I was hunting for a new battery for our motorcycle this morning (found at Illinois Battery, thanks), Matthew posted some links to upcoming hazardous household waste drop-offs in our area (Illinois EPA schedule / Northern Cook County schedule). Scooterists use all kinds of paints, cleaners, oils, and lubricants to maintain their scooters, and we go through batteries and tires much faster than the average citizen (“but they get such good mileage!”). If I was smart, I would have taken the battery to the store with me and exchanged it. Most auto parts, battery, and tire stores accept discarded hazardous materials for disposal, and most local agencies have collection days and disposal guidelines. More suggestions for recycling and disposal of household hazardous waste can be found in this EPA document.