7 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Morpheus ride a Morphous?”

  1. I’m gonna start a new site about scootering and yachting called TheScooterSloop.

    Yeah, you guys should work that out because I can see it getting confusing. : )

  2. Sweet! Well… I’m gonna work on TheScooterSchoop for Scooter riders from the 50’s Doo-Wop era AND Then polish off TheScooterStoop for people who only sit on scooters. We’ll have all the bases covered!

  3. Ok, ok…I give in! I am sorry guys for grabbing a name so close to the great looking site ‘thescooterscoop’. I honestly didn’t know you existed when I chose it, I thought I searched extensivly, but as the days and weeks go past I keep finding a few sites close to ‘the snoop’.
    And my sense of humour enjoyed the idea of a yacht/scooter site called scootersloop…I sail a bit too!
    But if there is room for one more in the scene I would enjoy the interaction with you guys. By the way, a bit of trivia for you by accident I typed in http://www.scooterscoop.com/ instead of my address and it came up with an interesting site!!

  4. Hehe. Yeah.. I always have to say “Don’t forget the ‘THE'”.

    You’re site has a nice look and I can’t wait to hear what you decide on for a scooter.

    Anyone who likes scooters is good by me!

  5. Thanks mate! I feel welcomed into the ‘new scene’. Hey, got my “L” plates today, lessons begin shortly, then licence test is booked in for August…long wait, everyone wants a bike licence in Perth!

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