Kama Scooter

Karma Scooter

For those of you that think that slow-to-load two-second-long Flash clips featuring two satin-clad chicks dry-humping each other on a Vespa LX would be hot, it’s your lucky day: The Kama Scooter. If they were trying to out-weird Bajaj advertising, they’ve done it. I feel stupid, and kind of dirty, for even posting this. Someone tell Piaggio UK that sending out press releases about a “viral ad”, labeling the site as “Amazing Viral,” and slapping sales messages all over it sorta destroys anything “viral” about it, that’s just called “advertising.”

2 thoughts on “Kama Scooter”

  1. I don’t know what it would do for her, but I think I’d have enjoyed the ad less with her in full body armor.

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