Buddy 125 Assembly Line

Genuine Buddy scooters on the assembly line

PJ Chmiel at Genuine Scooters has posted some new photos of the first Buddy 125 scooters being assembled at the PGO Factory in Taiwan. These bikes are on the way to the US now, and should arrive here in about a month. The 50cc Buddy and Black Cat models are expected in early July. Genuine also plans to introduce two more PGO models to the US this summer (“but not the 3-wheeler,” says PJ). We’re betting the quite-cool PGO EVO G-Max is one of them, that’s the scooter PJ rode from Chicago to Cincinnati and back last month.

3 thoughts on “Buddy 125 Assembly Line”

  1. If they bring the G-Max I hope it still has its “Enging ON/OFF Switch A safty-oriented design to shut down the engine at emergency.”

    Cause nothing says quality like Engrish.

  2. whooosh! i can hear phil’s soul as it flies out the window, to its new rightful owner. “genuine has only one model, the stella” “collectible right out of the box.” and all the other quotes that set the stella apart from the crowd that i forget because im posting drunk. — the end is here.

  3. Buddy? Seriously that’s what they named it? At least those chose an almost Vespa font…

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