Tuk to the Road

Ants and Jo

Jo Huxster and Antonia “Ants” Bolingbroke-Kent wil start their 10,000-mile tuk-tuk adventure Saturday, starting a three-month drive from Bangkok to Brighton to raise awareness and money for mental health charity Mind (I’m sure we’re not the first to question their own sanity). Their Tuk-Tuk, named “Ting Tong,” was custom-built in Thailand by Anuwat Yuteeraprapa at Expertise. You can follow their adventures in their blog. (thanks Becky for the info)

2 thoughts on “Tuk to the Road”

  1. I’ve always wondered what the Thai tuktuks were based on? Does anyone else suspect that they are a derivative of the Lambro? They’re clearly not a Bajaj product which is a little surprising since you’d think Bajaj has world domination of the autorickshaw/tuktuk market.

  2. From what I can tell, there are many small companies that make them, probably welding their own tube frames and sheetmetal bodies, and using whatever engines and components are available. Locally-made tuk-tuks are probably cheaper and more customizable than even Bajaj’s. Speaking of which, with the Chetak gone, what has become of Bajaj’s three-wheelers, didn’t they use similar engines and components?

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