Big Ass, Yamaha Vox featured in Moto-Champ

Click for larger imageRyetronics Ryan stopped by yesterday to show me his copy of Moto Champ Magazine, which he picked up at Mitsuwa. (They never have it when I go there, dangit). The “Mini Bike in America” section features a story about ScooterBBS admin “SE” and his shop Big Ass Motors. (click on picture for larger image), and the cover features a Japanese hoochie girl posing with the Yamaha VOX. Being completely unable to read Japanese, I can’t tell you anything about Big Ass Motors, or if the VOX pictured was the prototype or if it’s actually in production, but I can tell you they have a lot of cool bikes in Japan we’ll never see here.

One thought on “Big Ass, Yamaha Vox featured in Moto-Champ

  1. To steal Ryan’s joke from the BBS: “the VOX would be the perfect scooter for a mandolin player, or a children’s coroner”

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