Galewood 2K6:
Swine o’ the Times

Rye loves the 80s

bacon2Tv.jpg“I give you Chicago. It is not London and Harvard. It is not Paris and buttermilk. It is American in every chitling and sparerib. It is alive from snout to tail.�
– H. L. Mencken

I shouldn’t even have to post this, if you read 2strokebuzz, you know about Galewood. It’s all about scooters and bacon. It’s our neighborhood. It’s our rally. It’s our birthdays. It’s this weekend. Same deal as usual (though this year we’re adding a Bouncy Castle and a three-wheel ATV.) You know the drill. This will be the last Galewood Rally, so don’t miss it. Read on if you need more info. All are welcome.

Here’s the info on the 2006 Galewood Rally.

Friday, May 26:

6:30-8:00pm (Suggestion, not ‘official event’) Meet for dinner at the Summit VFW Fish Fry (7256 63rd Street in Summit IL).
9:00-1:08am Drink (and bowl, if you must) at Circle Bowl (7244 Circle Ave. Forest Park).
1:08-2:00am Spill over to Circle Tap (across the street) after Donna kicks us out.
2:01am- T.J. kicks us out, we go get White Castle Jalapeno Cheeseburgers. Or maybe the River Forest Grill.

Saturday, May 27:

1:00pm: Kathy the Great presents: KICKBALL at Rutherford-Sayre Park Bring a picnic or eat first. (May I suggest the Wing Stop, 1742 N Harlem Ave?)

4:00-ish: Prepare your food for the cook-off, or visit Moe’s 1-hour-only scooter parts garage sale at 1848 N Nordica Ave, or hit the liquor store or bar for an hour, or get delivery from (You’re in walking distance now)

5:00: Bacon Cook-Off/BBQ/party at Grace’s house. (1632 N. Rutherford, 773 637 0868)

The Cook-Off is a pot-luck buffet of dishes featuring bacon as a main ingredient. Limited oven/stove/microwave time is available. Chafing dishes are provided, bring a crock pot or serving dish if necessary. Anything you can do to prepare ahead of time would be appreciated. Please label your cookware so it doesn’t get lost. If you don’t want to participate, please bring some soda or chips or kick in for the keg or something. Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the best dishes. BYOB. This year’s judges: Penny Sokody, Su Jang, Merritt Waters.

6:00: Bacon Cook-off Judging and rally prizes.

If you don’t dig on the swine, or can’t cook, please bring a vegetarian-friendly dish or a side dish to the potluck. Some vegetarian options may be available, but don’t count on it. It’s not called “Swine O’the Timesâ€? for nothing.

8:30-ish: After dinner and the judging, we need to shuffle you the hell out of Grace’s basement before people start the fire-breathing and circle-drinking and what have you. So walk over to the Kit Kat Club, pretty much Galewood’s only bar, where the elite meet to gawk at middle-aged Polish hookers.

Sunday, May 28:

There is rumored to be a group ride to a motorcycle swap-meet in Valparaiso, IN. We’re not in charge of that, but we’ll post the info here if someone has it.

Galewood Rally Facts:

  • Galewood/Montclare is a small neighborhood on the far west edge of the City of Chicago. It’s just north of Oak Park and just east of Elmwood Park.
  • A heady mix of peer pressure and real estate value somehow resulted in at least a dozen scooterists moving to Galewood in the last few years. We reckon this square mile has the highest per capita scooterist population in the city, if not America.
  • This is the fifth and possibly last (Amber has expressed interest in hosting next year) Galewood Rally.
  • G2K3 is organized by 2strokeBuzz and the Black Windows.
  • Galewood is a birthday party for Grace Delcano, Bryan Bedell, Phil Waters, and 2strokeBuzz. Grace, Phil, and Bryan were born days apart, and will all be 37(!) this year.
  • We’re not sure why bacon became the central element of the rally. Doesn’t everyone eat a pound of bacon a day?
  • There is no rally fee. Bring some cash to cover eat-out meals and covers and bar tabs. If you’d even think of showing up without a bacon dish, then at least bring some chips and soda. We’ll have a keg, bring whatever else you want to drink (if it’s not swineshine).
  • Kids are welcome to come, other than at Kat Klub. (They can bowl at Circle Bowl, but aren’t allowed in the bar).
  • All polite scooterists/motorcyclists are welcome, trendies, oldsters, and newbies, and even the scooterless as long as they serve up some bacon.

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Swine o’ the Times”

  1. LAST ONE!?


    Kelly and I were sooooo stoked that we could go to Galewood next year and compete in the big bacon cookoff!


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