Galewood 2K6 Update

We’ve updated the Saturday Galewood schedule. In short, meet at Rutherford-Sayre Park (Oak Park Ave @ Shakespeare Ave) for Kickball at 1pm Saturday, and Moe is having a scooter garage sale/impromptu swap meet at 1848 N. Nordica at 4:00, then the BBQ starts at 5:00 with judging at 6:00. Complete details can be found here. (Update to update: there will also be Chicco Scooter races at the BBQ, so if you have a toddler and a Chicco scooter, bring ’em.)

3 thoughts on “Galewood 2K6 Update”

  1. The “garage sale” is planned, the “swap meet” is just sort of likely to happen when you put more than one scooterist in a room together.

  2. I think it al sounds lame. Very lame. Especially since this is the last one ever and I can’t be there.

    Soooooooo lame.

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